Musician & Singing Teacher

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Experienced and successful vocal coach with proven track record.


Cathryn Short

PGDip Musical Theatre
(Royal Academy of Music)

"I have known Mark Willment for 15 years, having first worked with him in youth theatre productions that he was Musically Directing (and that he had, more often than not, co-written). Several years later, when I returned from university, I decided to get some singing lessons before auditioning for post graduate musical theatre courses. As I had gained so much enjoyment and support from working with Mark previously I naturally went to him for lessons. Mark is a superb teacher, he takes the time to get to know his pupils and what they feel they are capable of but also knows how and when to push them to achieve more. He certainly helped me to try new styles of music that I would not have otherwise considered and expertly coached me towards my auditions. His understanding of singing technique and how the voice works is solid and he is able to convey this to pupils in a way that everybody can grasp and thereby learn how they do what they're doing when they sing. As a pianist and composer, Mark understands the language of music brilliantly and can really help performers connect with the message and character of a piece which is such an integral part of performance. His lessons feel informal and relaxed which enables pupils to feel more comfortable in trying new songs or expanding their vocal range. Mark will make you work hard, but it will also be enjoyable and you will feel the benefit. Whether you're after short term coaching for a specific role or event or long term help, I would thoroughly recommend Mark - and have done to many people! Whenever I feel in need of a refresher or want to give my voice a workout I happily return to Mark."

Erica B

"When I first started singing with Mark aged about 12 I think it's safe to say that I had little confidence and faith in myself. Mark helped me do things I never thought I would ever do. Doing a solo at the end of year show might seem like a small hurdle but it took Mark years of begging to get me there! It was a massive accomplishment for me and something I could never have done without Mark's help. With Mark, I also got a distinction in my grade 8 which, again, was something I never thought I could do. Mark's belief in me is something I will never forget. Lessons tended to consist of Mark giving me a song, me whinging about it being too hard/not being able to hit the high belt/not being able to do it in general and Mark telling me to shut up and get on with it. He pushed me with the belief that I could do it, and when I finally did nail a hard song or a hard note, it made me realise I should believe it too. Singing with Mark for the last 7 or so years has been amazing, and since leaving, my Tuesday evenings are not the same! Thank you for everything."

Nancy D

"I've been coming to Mark for singing lessons now for 7 years and in this time he has coached me through many shows and concerts and my Grade 8 exam (in which I achieved a Merit). He is not afraid to work you hard and a one hour lesson often feels like a workout! He expects a lot in return, and as a result my voice has matured and improved incredibly. The techniques I've learned from Mark have proved invaluable over the years and I look forward to every lesson because I know I will be pushed but in a fun and lighthearted environment. We have explored many different genres together, including show tunes, opera, pop and rock (and the odd classical number) and as a result my love of singing has grown and grown."